Wednesday Night Menu
Would your group like to host a Wednesday Night Meal? Please contact our church office at 423.798.1050 and speak to Susan Bowers.

*All meals include drinks and assorted desserts.

Date:                                      Menu:                                  Group: 

November 5th, 2017             Italian Pasta, Salad,          Confirmation      
                                          Desserts                              Class 

November 8th, 2017             Breaded Chicken, Peas,     Judy Kennon
                                                Corn, Rolls, Desserts

November 15th, 2017             Baked Spaghetti, Salad  Asbury Chili    
                                                 Garlic Bread, & Desserts   Peppers

November 22nd, 2017            NO MEAL

November 29th, 2017            BBQ, Slaw, Baked Beans,   Judy Kennon

December 6th, 2017              Meatloaf, Mac N Cheese,  Judy Kennon
                                                Salad, Rolls, Desserts

December 13th, 2017             Baked Potato Bar               Asbury 
                                                 Salad, Desserts                 Children's 

December 20th, 2017           NO MEAL

December 27th, 2017            NO MEAL

January 3rd, 2018                 NO MEAL